I once was lost, but now I’m found….

Was blind but now I see….

There it was…. the missing key 🔑. I had searched so many years for it. The key that held my potential, my hopes, my dreams, my happiness…. the key that held me.

My subconscious mind took me on a journey of unconscious beliefs that took ahold of me. Constantly, there was a fight to regain control of me. I’d stare in the mirror wondering who is she?

Until one day, I said I’d never let go of me. Yes, I’ve been hurt, confused, and down. But does that give me a reason to keep a frown?

I wanted the life of peace so bad. Although, I knew it’s what I never had. Trust was a major part of the key. How on earth could I trust a source that I’ve never seen?

Blinded by the pain and misery. I knew that one day I’d find the deepness in me. My soul came to explore and grow. If anything my soul would keep me a float. It held on to the mission like a kid to a kite. It told me gently that everything would be alright.

And at night…. I would hold my pillow tight… waking up daily preparing for the fight. As I climbed through the walls of drama and fear… I saw something at the top that called me near.

It was me… the joyful… peaceful… self… I’d always wanted to be. It was painful to keep climbing but I knew that one day I’d find the strength to make it up.

Through my life I learned the most important thing, and this can never be taken away from me…

I am loved from the highest source. I don’t need a man or a friend to love me more. And because I’m covered from the world unknown… My faith will continue to rise in a higher purpose.

No more will I be lost in the woods searching for myself. I’ve found me and I’m not like anyone else. I had to lose the ideal me to find the love of self.


I finally let the light in…

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