Within the deepest…

There’s something waiting to burst from the shadows of the darkness and it’s you.

All this conditioning and confusion is not.

Look within because you know that’s where it’s at.

You ask yourself over and over the things you know to be true, waiting for a moment of proof. Alas the proof! It was already within you.

Your spirit cries “get me out” “let me breathe” I can’t stay another day in this prison you see! But do you listen?

Confused by the thoughts of the world but aware of the knowing of your heart and soul.

When will you let go? Be free and run like the squirrels in the tree.

This life is yours, and fear is not. It’s not who you are.

You know this, and you can’t tell me you do not.

The soul calls out to you daily, moment by moment, asking for a chance in this real love romance.

But you reject. Afraid. Will this hurt? Will I fail? Questions that won’t make a sinking ship sail. Your heart is pure and all-knowing let the creative waters flow in.

In the silence we peak as our souls take a leap.

The chance they once longed for is finally here.

No more hiding in the shadows attempting to disappear.

The spirit calls so pick up the phone if you’re still breathing, you are for sure home.


*This is a poem from my book “Originated Self: How to Develop Self Love and Inner Happiness” available on Amazon.

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