Mental Strength in Adversity

Do you face difficulties and challenges?

In life we can at some point expect to face challenges and difficulties that may cause us confusion and pain. Mental strength is defined as “the ability of an individual to effectively deal with challenges, pressure, and stressors to present their best performance regardless of the circumstances” (Johnson, n.d.). When we are faced with situations of adversity these are the moments we need to use our mental strength in order to have the best outcome.

However, from personal experience I can admit to it being very challenging to overcome the overwhelming emotions of what the situation may bring. My perspective of this is because energy is strong and the dominate energy of the situation can take control of your response.

Mental toughness is a skill that must be practiced through repetition with great understanding of how it works. I learned that even with all the knowledge I have acquired about the Universe, psychology, and spirituality it still sometimes isn’t enough.

When challenging times come that are emotion driven, you must assure that you are capable of handling them in a way that you can effectively make decisions despite the circumstances. You can determine how to become mentally tough by assessing yourself. Every person is aware of their flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. Take the time to think about what affects you negatively, and what causes you to respond to adversity in a way that is not your preference. If you lack self-control or the ability to behave in a manner that is consistent with your goals then you may need to evaluate your skills and abilities.

I’ve learned that I am not able to fully work on my skills and abilities while in a relationship with another person. This is my own assessment of myself, and with this conclusion I can then determine that if I want to become mentally tough I have to be alone so I can practice without distractions.

Why is it important to become mentally strong?

Emotions are capable of determining the outcome of any situation. Therefore, if your emotions are not being handled properly such as more negative than positive it can cause you to become mentally and physically exhausted. We don’t want to go around reacting to every situation that we are placed in with no self-control. Our health can also be affected by our emotional response to things for example depression and anxiety.

Because I want to be a master of my mind it drives me crazy when I consciously notice thoughts replaying over in my head. If I’ve just been in a situation that caused me pain these thoughts can haunt me. So, I’ve learned to notice them and stop them before they attack. Having mental strength allows you to grow and handle situations at ease with less fluctuation of emotions. You are not affected by so many circumstances that appear around you because you are capable of categorizing them within your mind.


From my own experience I’ve noticed that life can pull you in so many directions on a daily basis. However, if you stay connected to your goal of becoming mentally tough through adversity then you can build a strength within you that can’t be broken. I’ve had times where my teachings were not enough to save me from responding negatively, but I’ve learned to forgive myself. Instead of beating my self up about failing to become mentally better, I view the situation from another perspective. I look at what I did wrong, how I can improve, and if my actions were necessary. I also determine what caused me to respond in this way to make conclusions on whether it may need to be eliminated or not. Give it your best shot and that’s more than enough.


Johnson, R. (n.d.). What Does It Mean To Have Mental Strength? Retrieved from Corin Tucker Band:

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