Trust the process

What is your understanding of trusting the process? How do you go about life handling situations that happen and are out of your control? Do you have faith in the unseen? How does it feel to either walk this world alone or walk with a powerful source backing you?

Sometimes I like to ask myself the hard questions. Like what is a human? Why do we have these weird fingers and toes? What’s the purpose of all this?

Do you ever ask yourself these deep questions or is it just me?

When I start to ask myself questions that are out of my scope it’s like a scientist trying to explain how the Universe started. You just don’t know.

But, what is life if we live day by day without asking these questions?

Maybe, it’s me. Maybe I’m just that deep. But why is my soul this deep and not the next person? There is a reason for all this that can’t be explained with words. Every human being that was birthed on this earth is special and has meaning to their life no matter how long or short it is.

When these questions are brought up in my mind I have no choice but to connect them to a feeling. A feeling that is way more powerful than my human body. The feeling is something that has great love and purpose with every person created.

I consider this powerful source the Universe or God.

There are a lot of things that happen in the world that are out of my control, and I’ve learned to go with the flow.

I’ve learned that PAIN is apart of the process. And that we shouldn’t run from pain, but rather embrace it. I’ve learned that LOVE is apart of the process. And that it can be conditional or unconditional, but each method is attempting at something special.

No matter how deep my mind will go…. I know that this life has purpose, and every good and bad thing has meaning. So, in the midst of the storm and sun I will choose to trust the source that lights up the world and feeds the birds and plants.

I will continue to trust the process because my life is in great hands.


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