Stop Fear In Its Tracks!

Fear that’s apart of daily living…

How often is it that fear is apart of our lives? Why is it that so many people fear “fear”? Just so many fears. We have fear of money, relationships, death, animals, emotional pain, life, others, and so much more. It is often included in our moment by moment thoughts and feelings. We must accept that we cannot get away from fear itself, but rather manage it. In order to fully use fear in the proper way you must understand it.

How does fear work?

Fear starts in the brain and is apart of our “fight or flight” function. It is connected to our autonomic nervous system which controls the way we respond to outside circumstances. The autonomic nervous system is often responding to hormonal and neuronal changes within the body. These responses cause the nervous system to respond in a way that correlates with some programmed reaction that we have created through repetition.

Merriam Webster defines fear in a few different ways, take a look below:

  • an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger
  • reason for alarm:DANGER
  • anxious concernSOLICITUDE

Psychology today defines fear as a vital response to physical and emotional danger that has been pivotal throughout evolution (Paranoia, n.d.).

Necessary fear…

As you can tell from the definitions above fear is not a choice. We are born with it as a normal body function. It’s necessary to have fear when you notice there is someone robbing the store you’re in, because you need that fight or flight response. This response can tell you “hey hide NOW! And call the cops!!”, and you will respond appropriately to those feelings compared to if you did not have fear.

Unnecessary fear…

Too often we LIVE with the “fight or flight” response which causes fears in our typical daily living. Below are some examples of what is unnecessary to fear:

  • Bills and debts
  • If you will get the job
  • Not having money
  • If you will succeed or not
  • Relationship troubles (unless in danger, which in this case fear is necessary)
  • Fear of failing
  • What others think of you
  • How you look

These are typical examples of the normal things we fear on a daily basis. Now, this is my list please feel free to create your own, because only you know your fears.


In life we will always encounter situations and circumstances that cause FEAR in our lives. In order to live in a way that helps you progress towards a peaceful, joyful, happy, and fulfilling life you must eliminate the unnecessary fears. They affect you tremendously whether you accept it or not. Fear controls your response and how you will emotionally feel on the inside. Start assuring you care about how you feel on the inside, because your mental, physical, and spiritual health matter. Only allow yourself to fear the necessary things, because you deserve to live life to the fullest.


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