Recently, my life has went through a whirlwind of changes. The main one I would like to discuss today is the change of understanding my self-worth.

So, I use to always think in my mind that I valued myself, and that I truly knew my worth. Until, I was faced with challenges that made me question myself. I also noticed how the position I played in relationships wasn’t in a way to truly value me. I would give my all to others, and then put me last. Why did I do this? I learned it’s because I didn’t feel worthy.

That was weird to me, because I swear I thought I valued myself. What I noticed was that I consciously felt like I valued me, but subconsciously that was not how my mind was programmed.

What’s happening within your mind is always a reflection of your outer world. I guess I wanted to value myself, but hadn’t took that leap to do it. I had to take some steps towards loving me enough. I had to stop trying to please others and please myself first.

Recently, I have had a major change in my life where I am now continuously by myself. The benefit of this is that I don’t have to consider others or put their energy above mine.  Within a few days of this change, and me deciding that I would love me fully no matter what….things started happening.

I use to cry tears of happiness and gratitude when so many great things happened all at once. And especially when I knew more was on the way. But something weird happened to me one night while I was sitting in my office.

I couldn’t cry anymore. I couldn’t make myself think about the bad things to be grateful for the good things. It was something weird about this feeling, this time.

Then it clicked! I finally realized…

You deserve all this. You are special. You don’t need to go through pain to receive pleasure. Your life is valued. This is your new life now. Constant blessings that appear all the time just because you chose to be happy, and grateful for life.

I suddenly had this realization, like OMG my life is changing. It’s happening so fast that the only thing I can do is stay calm and enjoy.

I am worth more than anything in this world, and anything that I can ever imagine.

I want YOU to know that too. You are so special, and everything you accomplish in this lifetime matters. If you’re ever down, I need you to pick yourself up. Love yourself more than enough, and don’t ever stop loving you. You are one of a kind.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anthony James says:

    You are amazing writer “keep going”
    Don’t let nothing stop you, you’re a beautiful soul in the world need to hear your message.


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