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Shantinique James is the Founder and CEO of BecomingInnerSelf LLC.

She was born (1991) in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Technique Certification, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology. She has years of experience in the medical field from her working life. She is now pursuing her career as a full-time Mindset Coach (specialty: Emotional Intelligence), online course creator, Speaker, and Writer. 

In September 2016, Shantinique started a movement called “Life Worth Living”, dedicated to helping individuals find their inner-self and develop self-love and happiness. As she continued on her journey the name of her movement changed to “BecomingInnerSelf” and has the same principles.

Shantinique is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Maliya and Ayla. Becoming a mother was one of her most life changing experiences and she could not picture her life without her girls. She is passionate about writing and employs her words to express her thoughts and feelings, while also to evoke motivation and purpose in others. She is also a spiritual person who believes in a higher source while not religious. Her spirituality and psychological knowledge has healed her from self-destruction. She has learned a lot about how to reprogram your mind to start thinking thoughts that better serve you. She also enjoys meditation and spending time with family.

Shantinique is the Author of “Originated Self: How to Develop Self-Love and Inner Happiness”.

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How this book was created: 

Shantinique enjoyed writing and often used it as a form of relief from emotional pain. Throughout her life she would write little notes that soon became a stack of papers taking up space! Around October 2018 she took all those notes out and began to read them. As she read she noticed how inspiring they were and how they helped motivate her life’s path. It was at that moment that she decided to turn those little notes into a book. “Originated Self: How to develop self-love and inner happiness” was originally titled “Originated Self: Unorganized thoughts of a woman who grew spiritually” but had to be transformed into a story that spoke to the hearts of many. After one day of reading the notes and deciding that it would become a book.. The book was created and published months later.